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Components to address using the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle

Description: what happened

NB The following parts of your assessment should be concise.

What, where and when?

Who did/said what, what did you do/read/see or hear?

In what order did things happen?

What were the circumstances?

What were you responsible for?

Feelings: what were you thinking


Where and when

What were your initial feelings or reaction, and what does this tell you?

Did you have any concerns related to this incident? Why?

Did your feelings change? Why?

What were you thinking?

Evaluation: what was good or bad

about the experience?

What pleased, interested or was important to you? Within your learning

What made you unhappy with this incident? E.g. Scope of practice

issues? consent, confidentiality, respect, trust? Was anyone harmed?

Did your learning enable you to make sense of the situation?

Assessment Guidelines for Reflective Practice assessment

NCE5801 – Professional Experience Placement – Version 2.0 Institute of Health & Management Pty. Ltd.

Dated: September 2019 ABN: 19 155 760 437 | HEP ID: PRV 14040 | CRICOS Code: 03407G

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Who/what was helpful or unhelpful? E.g. Related to the incident or your


Why? E.g. Did you feel supported in practice in your decision making?

What needs improvement? related to the incident Why? E.g. standards

of practice? Code of conduct or ethics.

Analysis: what sense can you

make of the situation?

NB This should be the main part of your assessment

E.g. Compare theory and practice. Examine your dilemmas from the

perspective of ethical theorists a deontologist versus utilitarian view. Do

any of the ethical principles apply? Was there a duty of care and legal

aspects was there an act or omission? e.g. related to consent any

negligence? Underpin relevant information with evidence.

What similarities or differences are there between this experience and

other experiences?

Think about what actually happened.

E.g. Consider your professional code of conduct and ethical frameworks.

Do any of the ethical principles conflict with each other related to this


What choices did you make and what effect did they have?

Qs Was there any harm? What were the consequences to the patient

and or nurse? Civil or criminal?

What have you learnt for the future related to ethical dilemmas, the

application of ethical principles, theories, legal framework?

Conclusion: what else could you

have done? Summary of the main points. What else could you have done?

Action Plan: what will you do next

time? If a similar situation arose again, what would you do?


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