What is the end product of this assignment? You are to create an executive summary using a narrated

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What is the end product of this assignment? You are to create an executive summary using a narrated Power Point format of no more than 8 slides (plus a required cover slide and a reference slide, if applicable) in which you explain the following:

• What is the organization? What is their purpose?
• What are the organizations mission and values?
• With whom did you meet? Include the persons name and title and date and time of the interview.
• How did the person you are interviewing come to work at this organization?
• What was his/her career trajectory?
• How long has the organization been in existence? How did it come to exist?
• What do they evaluate? How is it done? If they dont evaluate anything, why not?
• Who are their stakeholders? How are they supported?
• What are their biggest challenges? How do they plan to stay in existence? Where will support come from?
• What are the organizations revenue streams (sources of funding)?
• What types of career opportunities exist in this organization? (Remind the person that you are not asking for a job, but just want to learn more about how you could best position yourself for a future career).
• What would the person you interviewed recommend to others who want a career in this field?
• Be sure to review the grading rubric and address each point in the rubric.

Follow APA format. OWL can help you with APA format for Power Point. You will probably need to cite at least the organizations website. You may not need a reference page if your only citations are the website. Your instructor will discuss this in more detail.

How will this assignment prepare you for your future? Learning interviewing skills is important to everyone. Those who develop good interviewing skills, both as an interviewee and as an interviewer, will have an edge on preparing themselves for job interviews and find it easier to conduct research.


1. You are not asking for a job, simply for information and advice, so dont put the person on the spot.
2. You want to learn as much about evaluation studies as you can.
3. You must prepare for the interview, so that you can ask good questions that will draw out the interviewee.
5. You should create a list of three to five prospects, so youre not discouraged if one person turns you down.
6. You must interview 1 individual from an organization, preferably someone who has been working there at least 5 years.

SCRIPT for making the phone call:

Hello_________________________, my name is __________________.
I am a student at Wilmington University majoring in __________________________, and am interested in the field of _______________________________.
I would appreciate an appointment with you, at your convenience, so that I might better understand how your organization and how it evaluates programs. I promise to take no more than 30 minutes of your time. (Be sure to set a specific time and place to meet).
May I have your email address so that I can send you a confirmation of our appointment?
• Follow up the initial phone contact with an email to confirm the appointment.
• Be sure to use your Wilmu email address!

Conducting An Effective Interview:

1. Research the organization and the person you will be interviewing.
2. Prepare by making a list of questions you want to ask; think of some that would be interesting to answer. You can use the questions below as a starting place.
3. Practice interviewing people for fun. Practice the phone script above.
4. Dress as you would if you were in that career field. Over-dressing is better than being too casual.
5. Listen to what the individual is saying. Show enthusiasm and appreciation. Maintain good eye contact.
a. Immediately after the interview, schedule time to be by yourself and write field notes. Find a coffee shop, a fast food-place, or library where you can ignore your surroundings and focus on recalling the interview. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF! It is very important for researchers to schedule reflection time when they are in the field.
b. The notes written immediately after the interview event record your thoughts, impressions, and feelings.
i. What did you learn that you didnt already know?
ii. What surprised you?
iii. What reinforced what you already knew?
ASKING THE QUESTIONS (NOTE: do not ask all of these questions because the person will feel like they are being grilled. Select a few questions and develop possible probing questions to get more detail).
• How is your organization funded?
• Who are your stakeholders?
• What programs do you evaluate? How do you do this? How often?
• If you have not evaluated any program, can you tell me why that is? Is it because you dont need to? Because you dont have the time, because you dont have people with the expertise to do this?
• What can you tell me about how your agency is organized and funded? May I see an organization chart?
• Who makes the decisions for your agency?

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