Mr Dowell works at the Parramatta Council as the tourism manager and earns $115,000 p.a….

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Mr Dowell works at the Parramatta Council as the tourism manager and earns $115,000 p.a. He has worked there for 8 years.

Mrs Dowell is a primary school teacher at Ryde Primary School and earns $64,000 p.a. She has worked there for the past 3 years after having several years of home duties.

The Dowells own two cars — a 2014 Ford Falcon worth $18,000 unencumbered and a 2015 Land Cruiser worth $30,000 subject to finance of $20,000 ($450 per month).

The DowelIs have a 36 month Interest Free loan from GE for a sound/movie system for $3,000. The minimum monthly payment is 5%.

You interviewed Mr and Mrs Dowell at your office after some initial telephone conversations previously. They both spoke good English as they are permanent Australians for 20 years and they expressed their excitement at buying their second property. They are aware they will need to visit the new lender branch to complete a Customer Identification Procedure prior to finance approval from the lender. They have not yet enquired into an exact payout figure from 03A.

The clients wish to refinance their current loan and purchase an investment property. The investment property is an established 2 bedroom unit in a residential block of 4 at 45 (Lot 4) Jones Rd, North Ryde and is valued at $685,000.

Rental Income of $650 per week is expected and the body corporate expense will be Just $35 per week. They have made an offer on the unit at the asking price, have put down a $1000 cash deposit, and the offer has been accepted with settlement in 60 days.


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