strat planning eval tech progss

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Purpose: For this step in in the strategic planning process you will create a set of Organizational Member Action Plans. The goal of this work is to develop a clear path forward for how the strategic plan can be implemented and who is responsible for each part of that implementation.


Part 1:

Complete worksheets 46 and 47 in the Bryson & Alston book. These worksheets can be submitted as either copied PDF documents or typed word documents. Remember, no links to Google Docs. Your document should be posted to the discussion board by Thursday of Module 7.

Part 2:

Your instructor will assign you two colleagues from the course for whom you should read and provide detailed feedback on action plans. In this feedback you need to include questions you still have, how they might improve the work, things that might have been missed, and general feedback on how they can improve this work for their final assignment. This feedback should be posted to the discussion board by Sunday of Module 7.

To see the rubric for this discussion, click on the Discussion link, then click the “Grading Information” button along the top of the thread list.

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