leadership applications written exercise 3

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Take the following Leadership Self-Assessment Quizzes in the text:

• Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 5-1: Measuring Your Situational Perspective- My score says I have average situational perspective as a leader and manager.

• Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 5-2: Quality of Leader-Member Relations- My score said suggests a high-quality leader-member exchange.

• Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 6-1: The Leadership Ethics Quiz- My score is my self-image is that of a highly ethical trustworthy leader or potential leader. My ethics could be an asset to m as a leader.

• Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 6-2: The Air Force Character Attributes Checklist- My score is I have good character.

Leadership Skill-Building Exercises

For this chapter’s entry, reflect visualize two different leadership scenarios that you witnessed directly, read about, or saw on TV or in a movie. Thank through how you would have used a different leadership approach for each one if you had been the leader.

For this chapter’s entry, reflect on any scenario you have encountered recently that would have allowed you to practice ethical or socially responsible behavior.

Submit a written report (not to exceed 1,000 words) that covers both, of the portfolio building leadership skill-building exercises. The report should also incorporate your findings and conclusions from the self-assessment quizzes in this module, and from personal reflection. The exercise must conform to the requirements of APA formatting, to include cover page (running head, page number, title, author, university), a table of contents, APA-level headings and subheadings, proper in-text citations, and a reference section at the end.

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