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*********Paper 2 is not due until March 30th.************************************

It is time to start working on Paper 2. Remember that you are using the same topic as the Exploratory Essay. Now you are taking your research and formatting it into a traditional research paper. You will use the research from Paper 1 and you are free to explore other types of research to include in this paper. You are not limited to only scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles. Websites, magazines, interviews are all allowable.


  • 6-8 pages
  • Title page in APA format
  • Reference page in APA format
  • APA standard formatting
  • In-text citations



  • Establish issue and why you are writing about the topic
  • Include main points that you will discuss about the topic


  • Discuss the problem in detail, do not assume that your readers understand or are aware of the problem/vital aspect
  • Establish who is this a problem for, does it affect many or just a few?
  • Discuss the problem as a problem, use language that suggests that this is an issue or use language to discuss your element is vital.
  • Should be written in third person; however, if you have personal experience you may use one paragraph discussing your experience with the issue/vital aspect
  • You may interview people as sources
  • You are not to include a solution to the problem, this is just a paper informing an audience about an issue.


Restate the problem and main points.

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