rough draft paper

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Topic of the paper can be any of these.. “The Lottery”; “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”; The Code of Hammurabi; The Book of Deuteronomy; Antigone, Dante’s Inferno; “The Trial of Susanna Martin” from Cotton Mather’s Wonders of the Invisible World; 12 Angry Men; “A Dark Brown Dog”; “The Law of Life”; “In a Grove”; or “The Lynching of Jube Benson.” Let me know which reading you’d prefer. I think “The Lynching of Jube Benson,” is a great one to write about.

Must be 4-5 pages.

Remember that this is a first rough draft. It isn’t going to be graded. So don’t worry too much about grammar and punctuation (but don’t entirely neglect it either). Also, don’t worry too much about citing your sources in perfect MLA format. What I really want to see is the direction your ideas are going.

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