love psa you will create your own original psa

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Love PSA

For this assignment, you will create your own original PSA. A public service announcement (PSA) informs us about something important, and the purpose of a PSA is to benefit the public by raising awareness about an issue or topic.

This unit has been about love, so this assignment will involve the same. What issue are you especially passionate about and would love to see change? What issue would you be willing to devote your life to out of great depths of love?

First, choose your topic.

Second, research your topic.

Third, create your PSA slide. This slide needs comprehensive depth and detail! This slide should provide a full stand-alone message.

Fourth, compose the paragraph. This slide contains additional specific detail related to the PSA on slide 1.

Fifth, create the works cited slide for all sources used including image(s).

Your PSA should:

  • Include a “hook” that grabs the viewer’s attention.
  • Use font and color choices wisely and purposefully. For example, bold font can emphasize key points.
  • Be in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF file format and not hand drawn/created. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, download the free OpenOffice software here: You must save the OpenOffice file though as a PDF file format. The saving to PDF option is located in the toolbar and looks like a piece of paper with the letters PDF in red and white.
  • Contain 1 related image and at least 1 credible source for information.
  • Have no mechanical errors.
  • Sources credited in MLA format. Use the CRAAP Tool to evaluate source credibility.

Slide 1 of your document will contain the PSA with the image(s) and sufficient text depth and detail.

Slide 2 of your document will contain your paragraph of 7 sentences that explains the issue and why this is a topic that is important for the world to understand.

Paragraph structure:

First sentence: Topic sentence identifying the issue

Second sentence: Evidence for the issue

Third sentence: Explanation of the evidence

Fourth sentence: Identify why the PSA topic is important for the public’s awareness

Fifth sentence: Evidence for importance

Sixth sentence: Explanation of the evidence

Seventh sentence: Summary sentence

Slide 3 of your document will contain your works cited in MLA format to avoid plagiarism and copyright issues. See this resource for how to format sources.

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®

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