strategic management class tesla case analysis 5 pages single space 1

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The paper is to be an executive summary no longer than 5, SINGLE-SPACED pages of text NOT including the references or any figures (matrices). So the final paper will have way more than 5 pages because of the references and matrices. Use 12-point font, portrait orientation, and one-inch margins. Every piece of information you collect from any source must be cited. Please use endnotes and a references page to cite the paper. Figures need to be placed in the text.

I attached 4 files below. The Tesla exit case as pdf file below. The instruction and rubrics are in the docx file. The Template excel has all the necessary forms to attach figures into the final paper. The “Example case” contains an example of how the final paper should look like.

The book i have, it’s Strategic Management Concepts and Cases: A Competitive Advantage Approach. Author is Fred R. David. I don’t have a copy of it so i can’t upload. I only have the physical book.

Must be original work. No plagiarized or will receive zero and fail the whole class.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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