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As nurses, we learn how EBP evolves and practice based on the best research. However, when patients do not have access or the ability to understand their conditions and treatments, what do we do? In reading the article by Schipper, Bakker, De Wit, Ket, & Abma (2016), I think the most important reason to make evidence available is to include lay versions to help patients make more informed decisions about their health conditions. In Schipper et al. article, disseminating implementation can lead to patients experiencing more personal comfort with the treatment decision, better treatment adherence and motivation, and reduction of the number of interventions.

A specific example from my experience includes the performance of repositioning my patients every two hours to prevent pressure sores. As nurses, we understand that frequent turning helps reduce incidences of pressure sores, which can ultimately reduce their hospital stay and risk to other infections as well. However, in order to help educate my patients of this practice, I provide educational videos on repositioning techniques and involve the patient in answering any questions they may have. The goal is to teach and ensure that they understand the importance of repositioning every two hours.


Schipper, K., Bakker, M., De Wit, M., Ket, J. C. F., & Abma, T. A. (2016). Strategies for disseminating recommendations or guidelines to patients: A systematic review. Implementation Science, 11 doi:

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