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The SecureWorld cybersecurity conference, May 27 – 28, 2020, in Atlanta, GA, is recommended for division chiefs, program managers, and senior staff members working in the CISO organization to attend. The SecureWorld has been spreading critical cybersecurity knowledge and tools that help prevent threats through a network of industry experts for over 18 years (SecureWorld, n.d.) By attending the conference, the CISO organization will stay on top of the cybersecurity technologies, trends, and strategies while improving IT security and business operation practices. The attending members will learn numerous cybersecurity lessons in two days regarding hybrid cloud security, cybersecurity workforce framework, recruitment strategy, the evolution of privacy and cybersecurity legal trends, overcoming data breach, vetting third-party vendors, everchanging landscape of attack vector, and other cybersecurity-related presentations. The conference offers dynamic speakers in the cybersecurity community, and some of the key speakers are from the FBI, formal CIO of the white house, and CISO of GA Department of Revenue.

Since the conference is going to start early in the morning, the attendees will arrive in Atlanta, GA, the day prior. Also, they will leave the day after the event. Below is the breakdown of estimated costs:

Conference fee: $300

Lodging: ($139.00 per day at Hyatt Place Atlanta, 2876 Spring Hill Parkway, Smyrna, GA 30080)


26th: $49.50

27th: $66

28th: $66

29th: $49.50

Transportation: $150 (Round trip flight from LGA to ATL) + 200 (rental car)

Total estimated cost: $1,298


SecureWorld. (n.d.). About SecureWorld. Retrieved March 13, 2020, from

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