answer the following questions then i will send 4 other replies to get feedback on

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The goal of this week’s discussion board is to illustrate the importance of nature/nurture interaction in development, using specific examples of epigenetic processes, critical/sensitive periods, and the impact of experience on biological development.

Step 1: Review the following podcast which features research demonstrating the innate capacities of infants.

Step 2: Take notes throughout the podcast, and when finished, post them respond on this discussion board. Your notes should:

  • Evaluate the evidence for innate sensory capacities, preferences, and reflexes in newborn infants.
  • Pose questions for others to think about and respond to in order to engage in a fruitful discussion.

Do animals have consciousness?

Your answer should present the following:

  • A clear thesis statement
  • An outline of your arguments (at least two)
  • Research to support each your arguments
  • A clear conclusion statement
  • Rebuttals

Have fun with this discussion! Share with us your definition of consciousness and the criteria you use to know that others are conscious.

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