write an essay about 2 articles

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Article 1: “Letter from Birmingham Jail” By Martin Luther King

Article2: ““Equality For All: Freedom is Nonnegotiable” By Cahn&Cahn

Prompt: In your essay , you will first construct an account of King’s letter, identifying key elements of his argument, and analyze rhetorical strategies used to support a key dependent claim in one portion of his letter. You will then connect Cahn and Cahn using brief argument analysis to explore the following questions: In what ways does one portion of Cahn and Cahn’s text illustrate, clarify, extend, or challenge King’s argument regarding freedom, equality, and the role of a citizen in relation to the government? In what ways do Cahn and Cahn present a distinct or unique argument as influenced by personal experience, cultural values, and the time period in which they wrote? Where to start: Review Cahn and Cahn to identify key points you might connect to King. Find a section of King’s letter that relates in some way to the part of Cahn and Cahn’s argument you want to emphasize. Analyze King’s strategies and appeals in this section and identify his audience. Analyze Cahn and Cahn for argument and connection to King. Remember to use one or more of the following terms to set up this connection: illustrates, clarifies, extends, and/or challenges. For your main claim/thesis, think along these lines (without copying this example): King provides ample appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos for his argument about a citizen’s duty to demand equality, which is further extended and illustrated by Cahn and Cahn’s contemporary argument about equality. Criteria for Evaluation

1. Describe for a reader unfamiliar with these texts the common issues that connect them. Create a smooth transition to your introduction of King. (Don’t begin your introduction with “Martin Luther King, Jr., argues…”).

2. Provide an accurate and concise introduction to the authors and arguments. You should place more emphasis on King in your intro, with just a one- or two-sentence introduction to Cahn and Cahn.

3. End your introduction with a clear main claim that sets up your analysis.

4. In one paragraph, introduce King’s letter with a brief summary to include main claim, purpose, and audience analysis (include textual evidence to show your own reader who King’s intended audience must be). A modified rhetorical précis will be useful here.

5. In two substantial paragraphs, analyze one portion of King’s argument, addressing the following tasks in an appropriate order:  Clearly identify one dependent (supporting) claim to analyze.  Analyze rhetorical strategies King uses to support the selected dependent claim and explain how this support works on the audience and how it strengthens King’s argument. For each rhetorical strategy, discuss whether it creates an appeal to ethos, pathos, and/or logos.

6. In two paragraphs for your discussion of Cahn and Cahn:  Provide a brief overview of their argument in the “Equality For All” chapter, including main claim, purpose, and audience (just a few sentences here). Then focus on a claim from one section of their argument to provide a substantial discussion of how it illustrates, clarifies, extends, and/or challenges one aspect of King’s argument previously analyzed.  Discuss ways in which Cahn and Cahn’s argument may show a direct or indirect influence by King’s ideas. In what ways does Cahn and Cahn’s argument reflect their personal experience, cultural values, and the time period in which they wrote?

7. Conclude by referring back to your analysis of King and as well as your insights on Cahn and Cahn. Discuss the significance of both of these arguments regarding contemporary circumstances. In what specific ways does your analysis reflect the importance of King’s ideas? In what specific ways are the ideas in both texts relevant to a complete understanding of contemporary ideas about equality, freedom, and justice?

8. Support your analysis using examples of strategies and appeals (direct and indirect quotes) from the text. Always provide direct follow-up discussion and analysis of every quote to establish its relevance to your larger point. Avoid unsubstantiated claims, vague references to the texts, and generic sentences.

9. Cite quotations and paraphrased material using the page number in parentheses immediately after the quote. Include the author’s name in the citation only when necessary for clarity (e.g., King 3).

10. Provide a properly formatted Works Cited page to document your two sources.

11. Maintain unity in your paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on one main analytical idea that is illustrated with short integrated quotes from the text. Each quote and example should be followed or preceded by your analysis and commentary. 12. Use active and rhetorically accurate verbs in reference to the authors’ arguments.

13. Thoroughly edit the final draft so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience (no unnecessary wordiness and minimal simple sentences).

4 pages 1200 words minimum, please make sure to follow the prompts and requirements will provide a good tip and review.

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