creating a storymap in arcgis on a water resource issue of your choice 1

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In this lab you will be creating a StoryMap in ArcGIS on a water resource issue of your choice. For example, this could relate to drought and the water crisis; climate change and rising sea levels; water quality issues; water management issues etc. You will be making a map so consider narrowing your topic to a specific location.

What to include in your StoryMap At a minimum, your StoryMap must include the following components/sections

• Introduction and background to the water resource challenge

• Impact of the water resource problem

• Lesson Learned

• Recommendations for the Future

• References At a minimum you also need to include the following media

• Location – include at least one map you will make through StoryMaps

• Images, website, video

• Image and Website Credits (at the end of the StoryMaps)

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