read chapter 8 quot implementing strategies marketing finance accounting r amp d and mis issues quot go to the end of chapter 8 and do exercise 8e quot determine the cash value of hershey company quot steps 1 thru 3

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Read Chapter 8 “Implementing Strategies: Marketing, Finance/Accounting, R&D, and MIS Issues.” Go to the end of Chapter 8 and do Exercise 8E “Determine the Cash Value of Hershey Company” Steps 1 thru 3 on page 275.

Submit your calculations for the Net Worth Method and the Net Income Method, along with your determination of Hershey’s cash value for the 2017 fiscal year, in the discussion forum.

exercise 8e : Determine the Cash Value of Hershey Company


It is simply good business to continually know the cash value (corporate valuation) of your company. This exercise gives you practice in determining the total worth of a company using several methods. To perform this analysis, use Hershey’s 2014 financial statements as given in the Cohesion Case.


Step 1 : Calculate the financial worth of Hershey based on four approaches:

(1) the net worth method,

(2) the net income method,

(3) the price-earnings ratio method, and

(4) the outstanding shares method.

Step 2 : Get an average of the four methods. In a dollar amount, how much is Hershey worth?

Step 3 : Compare your analyses and conclusions with those of other students

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