i have to do this assignment i have to create an a wordpress com and annotated bibliography and wordpress organizational structure

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Students will establish and create a WordPress.com website.


Create a WordPress.com website and ensure all group member have editing assess. Choose a theme and create a welcome/intro page along with 5 pages, one for each member’s annotated bibliography. Use the Menu found in the dashboard under Appearance to create a menu with 5 tabs.


Submit/upload ONE copy of a .pdf or Word file with a hyperlink to your group’s WordPress site to Group Assignment-Part 3 in the Group Assignment Deliverables area in Canvas ONCE for your entire group. This will make it easier for me to get your grades back to you quickly.

Supporting Documents

What’s an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of books, articles, or other documents, consisting of a citation followed by a brief evaluation of each work listed. The citation is a description of the essential elements of the work (including author, title, & publisher), listed in a certain style with specific capitalization, indentation, and punctuation. The annotation is a short critical review of the work.

The annotation should include: a brief summary of the content and usefulness of the item (for this assignment, the usefulness in your own research); a summary of the author’s thesis and conclusions; a description of the evidence the author used to support the thesis; a statement about how and why the source will be helpful for your own research.

What makes up an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliographic citation is made up of two parts.

The citation describes the essential components of the work. For this course, citations should be written using the Chicago format. Complete rules are in The Chicago Manual of Style, call number: REF Z253 .U69 2003. Watch out for correct punctuation and capitalization. Following are basic Chicago style formats.


Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of the Book. City of Publication: Name of Publisher, Date of Publication.

Multiple Authors

First Author’s Last Name, First Name, and Second Author’s First Name and Last Name. Title of Book. City of Publication: Name of Publisher, Date of Publication.

Multivolume Work

Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Work. Edited by Editor’s First Name and Last Name.Vol. Number. City of Publication: Name of Publisher, Date of Publication.

Entry in Anthology

Author’s Last name, First Name. “Title of Entry.” Title of Book. Ed. Name of Editor. City: Name of Publisher, Date of publication. Start page – End page.


Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal. Volume, Number (Date): start page – end page.

The annotation is a 2 – 3 sentence critical summary of the work. The annotation should summarize the central theme of the work, describe the author’s authority or background on the subject, and describe his or her bias toward the topic.

*** Note: Many online databases provide abstracts or summaries of the articles they index. You may not copy those abstracts and present them as your own annotations. Doing so counts as plagiarism.

Example of a Quality Student Sample

Smith, Wayne. “Pennsylvania and the American Civil War: Recent Trends and Interpretations”. Pennsylvania History 51, no. 3 (1984): 206-231.

In this article, Mr. Smith addresses the fact that as the practice of studying of history has changed and evolved in the past 20 years, it has presented us with fresh perspectives on the Civil War, particularly with in Pennsylvania. Smith argues that new information and interpretation has had a notable impact on our understanding of the Civil War and has changed Pennsylvania historian’s intellectual insights. After addressing how interpretations of Pennsylvania’s Civil war history and changed, Smith concludes by stating that it is history that determines our present trends and attitudes. However, contemporary “intellectual and social changes” have caused us to raise new questions and attitudes on Civil War history and fact.

How can I write an annotated bibliography without reading the whole book?

To write an effective annotation, you need not necessarily read the entire work. You should always read the introduction and the conclusion. You should also read any notes provided by the author. Read the authors’ credentials and look at the sources the author uses to draw conclusions. For a book, look carefully at the table of contents and index to see what topics the author covers and check the footnotes for references to other helpful material.http://learn.wordpress.com/

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