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Material Culture Observation Paper

: Prepare a 3-4 page observation paper that

consists of an analysis of the rhetorical features of a specific place that you have personally experienced since the start of this course. The only requirement for selection of your artifact is that it is a distinctive place that people can visit and experience.

Possible artifacts include but are not limited to the following: a suburban neighborhood, an area of campus, a town’s downtown area, a local park, a cemetery, public statuary, a memorial.

Your analysis should include (1) a brief description of the place in its context (e.g., where it is, when you visited, its atmosphere, its significant physical aspects); (2) a clear exposition that defines/explains the concepts that you are using to guide your analysis of the rhetorical aspects of the described place; (3) your analysis of the place in terms of how well your selected concepts help you understand the rhetorical influence of the place on those who visit or dwell there (provide specific examples); and (4) your conclusions about what your analysis suggests concerning the rhetorical features of material/physical displays or the utility of the concepts you were using to guide your analysis (15%).


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