a bacterial phage tail like structure kills eukaryotic cells by injecting a nuclease effector

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Would you please answers to the questions I attached below based on the paper I also attached with them. All answers must be in your own words. You can use your textbook or any other source to research your answers. Do not plagiarize or copy text from the article, your study partners, or any other source. Your answers should be clear and succinct. The answers should be in (Calibri 10 pt., 1-inch margins, single spaced). Do not change the formatting of the Answer Form. Make sure that your answers logically address the questions. Use spell & grammar check. (Points may be deducted for including extraneous information that is not related to the correct answer because this indicates a lack of understanding.)

Research article: Rocchi et al. A Bacterial Phage Tail-like Structure Kills Eukaryotic Cells by Injecting a Nuclease Effector https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2019.06.019

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