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Assignment 2: Discussion Question

Important note: The discussion questions and assignments in this course are linked to one single case study. It is recommended that you read the case study before attempting any assignment or discussion question.

Discussion Question 1

There are a variety of tools and techniques used to monitor, control and report the progress of a project. There are typically points in the project where a project health review is conducted to form a confidence level of the project completing as planned. If your project is more concerned about schedule vs. cost, what tools and/or techniques would be most valuable in determining your project’s health? Provide an example to illustrate your point.                   

Discussion Question 2

Reflect on the different tasks and roles you learned about in this course. Identify at least (two) 2 skills you would need to be a project manager and discuss what you can do to develop those skills. Lastly, identify and discuss at least one (1) other career you think you would be interested in related to project management.

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