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Research paper
Based exclusively on the textbook, the recommended books, the online short readings, the PowerPoint slides, the videos or video synopses, and the current issues in the news announcements, write a research paper in which you explain (1) how the course content has contributed to your learning about the environment, culture, geopolitics, oil, Islam, conflict, and war in the Middle East region; (2) how the course content has impacted your critical thinking about the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘who’ in the various issues and problems examined; and (3) how the course content has influenced your own worldview and vision about how to promote a positive relationship between the American people and the peoples of the Middle East. The critical thinking paper must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file (according to the detailed syllabus guidelines for the critical thinking paper) and uploaded through the TurnItIn link. The research paper is due by 11/14/13 at 10 pm. needed 2000 2500 word. I need excellent work on it it is final papers for the class.

please  see the attachment for the instruction in the first file and the other file were lucture pwer point slides to help you aht is the book about and what the instructor focused in.

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