psychology 139

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Please reflect on the following and provide answers to the following case studies. You may answer what you feel are the best recommendations for each case study. However, please use what you have learned from your readings to provide these recommendations. Type your responses on a fresh sheet of paper.  You may answer each case study with a paragraph or two in order to earn full points. Or you may type your responses in the textbox in Blackboard. You will be graded on content, grammar, and the validity of your recommendations.




1.      38 year old Sonya is a nursing student who has a heavy, demanding schedule. She has two children and is a single parent. She also works as a full time manager at a call center. She is trying to change careers in order to make more money to support herself and her children. She also wants to go into nursing to help others and is interested in healthcare. Currently, Sonya is struggling because she wants to take as many courses as possible and be through with her program in less time. But she is finding the school workload to be too much and is contemplating quitting her program. She comes to you for help.


How would you help Sonya manage all the stress she is carrying? Recommend some stress management techniques for this case.




2.      Marie and John are a young couple who are very passionate and enjoy a very active sex life. They come to you for therapy and are concerned about their relationship. They have witnessed so many people around them having relationships that no longer are passionate or intimate. Marie, in particular, is concerned because her parents are divorced and she does not want that to happen to her own relationship. In other words, Marie does not want her relationship to flounder as she has witnessed other people’s relationships decline over the years.

What would you say to Marie to help her understand about the course of relationships? How could she and John maintain their love, especially if they plan to be together for a long time? How would you soothe her fears about divorce?




3.      35 year old Corey has a job he absolutely hates, even though it pays him good money and he is vice president of his company. He works long hours, is constantly stressed, and has little time for his wife and family. Corey would love to work as a professional painter and photographer, but he feels this dream would be too impractical. Furthermore, he is concerned if he quits his job and pursues his passion, he will put himself and his family into financial jeopardy. They currently have a mortgage, and Corey is also working to put money into his children’s college fund and into his retirement. His wife is also a working professional, but feels Corey’s dream of wanting to be a professional artist is unrealistic and would hurt his chances to become president at his company. She does not want him to change his career at this time.




What would you recommend to Corey in his struggle to change careers and feel fulfilled in work?


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