government business

Topic Corporations are democratic institutions. If your last name begins with the letters N Z, post to the discussion forum (under “activity/lesson 4:A”) 2 reasons supporting the idea/belief that corporations are democratic organizations?

Define globalization and then contrast the old and new globalization. Describe how the change impacts government business relations

“Globalism is beneficial for the people of the United States”. You are on the con side of this debate. Whys is Globalism not beneficial.

Do Americans trust big business? Explain your response using the information in the text and especially the information in Tables 6.1 to 6.4 which are also in the text. Include some of the actual numerical data from the tables in your answer. Also include comments about the significance of America’s trust and/or distrust of big business

Locate a total of three current (with in the last 6 months) articles from the online versions of a well known national newspapers such as The New York Times or the Washington Post that directly relate to the three overall social objectives described by Lehne in Table 15.1 (social goals, protecting society, protecting workers). Each article should relate to one of the objectives. For each goal/article type the following sub headings and then describe: a) the “Contents” of the article, b) how it directly “Relates” to the objective, c) how it directly relates to “Passages in the text” [provide page numbers]. In addition, be certain to provide a complete citation for the sources (article title, newspaper name, date of publication, date viewed, URL).

In 200 250 words describe the antitrust status of Google

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