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  • “Secure Boot”  Please respond to the following:

    • From the first and second e Activities, support or challenge Microsoft’s choice to implement Secure Boot technology. Justify your position.
    • As explained in the third e Activity, Microsoft has provided the ability to disable Secure Boot on its x86 platform but not on its Windows 8 ARM based systems (Windows RT). Take a position on whether or not this is an appropriate long term strategy for Microsoft. Support your position with at least one (1) example that demonstrates the main reasons why its strategy is or is not appropriate.
  • E Activity
  • Watch the video titled “Secure Boot” (3 m 48 s). Video Source: Technet. (2012, July 27). Secure Boot [Video File]. Retrieved fromhttp://technet.microsoft.com/en us/windows/jj737995.aspx.

  • Visit the Free Software Foundation Europe Website, and read the article titled, “Secure Boot: Who will control your next computer?”, dated June 6, 2012, located at http://fsfe.org/campaigns/generalpurposecomputing/secure boot analysis.en.html. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Visit the ExtremeTech Website, and read the article titled, “Windows 8 Secure Boot: Calm down, Microsoft is simply copying Apple”, dated January 17, 2012, located at http://www.extremetech.com/computing/114173 windows 8 secure boot calm down microsoft is simply copying apple. Be prepared to discuss.


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