improving your life skills

III. My Development Plan (550-600 words)

Considering the current situation, this part should include a plan about improving your life skills (e.g. Creativity, Critical Thinking, Resilience, Flexibility & Adaptability, Entrepreneurial Skills, and Collaboration etc.) needed for future. It should include a course of action and a timeline. Focus on the following points:

a. Produce a plan for the life skills which need to be developed further (refer to the four life skills). Some examples are given above. Your plan should include a time line and how you will address these development needs.

b. Discuss the role of other challenges which helped you to develop your life skills (refer to the various challenges that you experienced in your personal, academic and professional life in the current semester)

c. Discuss the importance of acquisition of these life skills (provide citation). Also, discuss how these life skills will help you in your future chosen career.

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