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Post 1

I awoke to a sound I could not identify. Startled and vaguely aware of where the sound was coming from, I quickly jumped out of my bed and went straight to my mothers room. I began shaking her arm, trying to quietly wake her up without being scared while whispering “Mom, wake up.” She then began to start opening her eyes and looking around confused, with deep concern she nervously asked, “what is wrong, are you okay?” Scared and unsure, I quietly told her “I think someone is in the backyard!” Seconds later we both heard heavy footsteps creeping directly outside of her window, on the back deck. Without a moment on hesitation, we both quickly and quietly got up and basically sprinted to the front of our house, directly to my grandfathers room. We woke him up immediately and explained the mysterious sounds we heard outside. He swiftly threw on a pair of shoes and grabbed a huge flashlight, along with our 3 dogs and headed towards the back yard.

There was in fact someone intruding on our property, we aren’t sure if it was the back light turning on or the sound of the back door opening but the strange intruder in our yard, hurdled himself over our fence, knocking down the trash cans and running out of sight. We did still call the police to report a random man in our backyard and were happy to hear, he was quickly taken into custody. He was found in someone else’s yard as well and apparently had a weapon on him, we were thankful he did not hurt anyone. I still do wonder what his intentions were and shiver at the thought of what he could have done if the police hadn’t taken him into custody.

Post 2

I woke up to a sound I couldn’t identify. I heard something like boop-boop, boop-boop and turned my television down to see if I could identify where it was coming from in the house. After a few seconds, I heard it again and I was assured something or somebody was in our home. I reached over in the bed and woke up my husband Eric who can’t hear a train passing; to go see if someone was in the house. Eric stated, “I don’t hear anything”, go back to sleep, it was probably something on the television.

I didn’t hear the noise again for a few minutes so I thought maybe he was right. Eric went back to sleep without checking out the house; I laid back down and boom, I hear boop-boop, boop-boop. I immediately shook Eric and said yes, I hear something; grab the gun. Eric was not happy that I woke him up, as he was about to say, please go back to sleep, he heard the noise. Eric grabbed his gun and I grabbed my cell phone, we started turning on lights and walking down the hallway to check all the rooms. We passed the kitchen and Eric is yelling, “anybody in here”, you will be shot. Nothing, it was dead silence, as we got to my daughter Tina’s room and turned on the lights, there it was. Tina had some balloons in her room from her birthday party that got caught in the ceiling fan. The balloons were the noise we were hearing; we both laughed at the situation with relief it was nothing serious and went back to bed.

Post 3

I awoke to a sound I could not identify. It was my niece crying in the living room. I ran to her and asked, “Aniya, what is wrong with you? She said to me, “I feel ugly because I am so skinny and tall, and no one likes me.” She explained to me she had a bad day and was being bullied at school. I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier instead of keeping it to yourself?” I sat with her and explained that bullying was not right and that she was beautiful inside out and that she should not let anyone tell her different. She said, “Auntie, I really needed that talk, and I feel so much better now.”

I took her by the hand and took her in front of my mirror. “Aniya, look up and look at yourself and tell me what you see.” She looked up and stared at herself for a while before saying, “I see a beautiful young lady who is tall and skinny.” At that moment, I smiled because I knew that she had received the message I just instilled into her. I sat with her for a few more hours until we both decided that it was time to go to bed. Once I got back to bed, I felt so relieved. I was able to stop my niece from hating herself and instead accept herself for who she was and what she looked like, which was a beautiful queen made specially by God.

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