the family and the child a psychological view genogram assignment

Goal of the assignment: write a 4-to-6-page essay describing your family and family themes.

The purpose of this assignment is to give you opportunities to:

* Integrate the genogram information into a descriptive essay describing the story of your family. Essay should reflect aspects of the genogram drawing and be based on a minimum of three generations.

* Show your knowledge about basic family terms and concepts relied on for a genogram via a drawing/diagram and a descriptive essay.

* Integrate family knowledge and selected terms and learn the various uses of genograms in family work and intervention.

General description of the genogram and some information for the assignment

1. A genogram is a way to represent your family’s intergenerational system. Include your grandparents’ generation, your parents’ and yours. While originally designed for use in family therapy, genograms are also useful for research. Psychology students can consider genograms as one tool they may want to use in their future work with families.

Formatting guidelines

  • ! Essay length: 4-6 double-spaced pages not including your drawing, cover page or references. Your paper must be typewritten in 12-pt Times New-Roman font, with 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, and right).
  • ! Any material or concept drawn from the class readings or other sources (as you describe relationships and patterns) should be cited in APA this way: Sentence/description and cite with page #. Example: Sentence…. (F. Walsh, Ed., 2015, pp. xx, or M.A. Fine & F.D. Fincham, Eds, 2013, p. xx).
  • ! Focus on yourself (IP – Index Person) as the center of the story and include the key family members and their relationships with you. Please give your genogram essay title. A unique title can be helpful.
  • ! Be as specific as you are able to be as you offer descriptions of your family story and key events in your essay. If there is an aspect of your family that you know less about and/or if you prefer not to talk about a person or event, please omit this from your essay. Consider aspects related to confidentiality.

Final Suggestions

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