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Please select an organization, conduct a detailed research and answer the outlined questions.

You may select either organization you are directly familiar with such as where you work or completed an internship, or a large global company you will be able to research online (Amazon, Apple, Tesla etc.)

Part 1 (4 Pages)

1.Company introduction: mission and vision statement

2.Description of the core business, services and products

3.Leadership overview and any major changes or issues experienced in the last 3 years

4.What is the competitive strategy of your organization? What are the main challenges in executing the strategy?

Part II- (4 Pages)

1.Was your selected company impacted by Covid-19 and in what ways?

2.What was the impact on operations, managers, employees, customers and community?

3.Will your organization survive the current conditions when the economy reopens?

4.What steps and changes will be necessary to be successful in the short term (next 12 months) and long term?

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