federal lands answering questions

Review this Powerpoint presentation that is an oldie but goodie from my mentor Julie Phillips. It reviews the three levels of federally protected lands. We touched lightly on this in the mapping assignment last week. This week we will learn more about the differences between the groups. While reviewing the presentation look at the differences between the groups and notice the agencies and names that we have already seen before.

ES 1 Federal Lands.pdf

Q1. What are the 3 categories of federally protected lands according to the slideshow?

Use the National Forest Webpage to find (Links to an external site.)out directly from them how they manage their resources.

Q2: Is logging (Links to an external site.)allowed in the National Forests? What (else) is/isn’t allowed? Have you ever been to a national forest?

Read: Nestlé Offered Permit To Continue Taking Water From California Watershed (Links to an external site.)

Q3: What do you think about bottled water being extracted from public lands?

Q4: Do any of the federally protected lands prohibit the extraction of oil? If so, which ones?

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