x account question x 1

I need just the answer for highlighted questions

which they are two questions only

pdf related to the questions

These are the question that highlighted

P5 Apply the bank reconciliation process to prepare a number of bank reconciliations.

P6 Explain the process taken to reconcile control accounts and clear suspense accounts using given account examples.

Pass need:

1. Bank reconciliation

2. Suspense accounts

3. control accounts

if you do all these i get pass

all the information you can find it in the assignments

in the assignment we have all details for each question so that’s mean we must use those data for :

1. bank reconciliation has its own question with specific solution data and numbers.

2.Suspense accounts also has different question with different numbers.

3. control account has it is own data and numbers in the assignment which you can use it to answer it.

that is clearly you can find it in the assignment because i notice the answer is different from the data.

1. Bank reconciliation ( it has own data in the assignment )

2. Suspense accounts ( it also has own data in the assignment )

3. control Accounts (it also has own data in the assignment)

Everything that has data the you just applied and solve it

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