5 paragraph essay about a movie

Review of Interpersonal Communication concepts in the movie, Crash (2005) directed by Paul Haggis. (Academy Award for Best Picture).

For this assignment, students will watch the movie Crash and write a five-paragraph essay. The paper should be no less than 700 words in length, about 2 pages (double spaced 12 pt. font). Use the following format:

Paragraph 1: Include a brief overview of the movie premise from general to specific. Towards the end of the introduction, state and italicize your thesis e.g., This paper will examine the interpersonal concepts revealed in the movie Crash. After you’ve introduced the thesis, write your preview statement e.g. specifically, it will focus on 1, 2, and 3…(paragraphs 2,3 & 4, this is the body of the paper). Bold all the main concepts throughout the paper. Your last paragraph is the conclusion, (paragraph 5) here you will offer advice to at least two of the main characters and summarize the paper!

The paper should include at least three of the following concepts:

  1. Listening: Active, empathic/objective, surface depth.
  2. Selective Perception: selective attention, selective exposure
  3. Verbal Messages (Bypassing)
  4. Non-verbal messages: facial messages, eye messages, illustrators, territoriality, emblems, etc.
  5. Confirming/Disconfirming language
  6. Johari Window (the 4 selves)
  7. Impression Formation: Personality Theory, Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, Halo Effect, Self-Serving Bias, Attribution of Control, Fundamental Attribution Error etc.
  8. Social Comparisons (upward, downward, horizontal)
  9. I-You Language
  10. Dual Perspectives

Describe how the concepts are illustrated through the interactions of the characters. If you choose the Johari Window (as one of your concepts) for instance, you should give examples of how the different selves are expressed by the chosen characters e.g., open, blind, hidden and unknown. Do the same with each concept you choose. You don’t have to identify your concepts in every scene, just give some clear examples to show your understanding of each concept chosen.

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