watching the video and answer the question one paragraph

What is an annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. Here is a link to samples of annotated bibliographies:

look this video:

You can use it to provide an annotated resource on the Diaspora in Peru, since the topic of the video is Afroperuvian cuture.

I need a thesis sentence to introduce this paragraph.

Your resource must include a diversity of content forms. The traditional annotated bibliography includes books and articles. I want you to look for other formats such as videos (i.e. youtube, vimeo), Powerpoint presentations with audio, social media outlets, images. Be creative and dynamic.

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