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The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published guidelines for healthcare and social service workers. They recommend that each institution develops a written workplace violence prevention program, reports are documented and investigated in a timely manner, all workers have training on workplace violence and more. Texas became the 34th state to raise the penalties for assaulting emergency-department nurses. The bill, which both houses of the Texas legislature unanimously approved, and Governor Rick Perry signed into law, designated such assaults as “third-degree felonies.” They had previously been “Class A misdemeanors” (Docksai, n.d.). Hospitals around the country have been boosting their own internal security in the last few years. In many facilities, the in-house security teams are collaborating with the IT departments on upgrades to the ward monitoring equipment. Management teams are also working with their hospitals’ staff on ways to streamline the patient-registration process, fast-track the less-acute injuries and illnesses, and better coordinate the inpatient floor nurses (Docksai, n.d.).

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