maths word

Question 1:

A bakery has been baking 4000 donuts a day for distribution. . The second shift has produced 1000 donuts fewer than two-thirds of the number of donuts produced by the first shift. Determine the number of donuts each shift has produced (5 marks)

Question 2:

Carla is paid a semi-monthly salary of $1870.80. Her regular workweek is 40 hours. Overtime is paid at time and one-half regular pay.

a) What is Carla’s hourly rate of pay?

b) What is Carla’s gross pay if she worked 7 1/2 hours overtime in one pay period? (10 marks)

Question 3:

Tarfex Tech intended to sell a new product in order to keep up with customer demands. The product was to be sold to consumers at $620, creating a contribution margin of $150 per unit. They spent $9800 on advertising and were able to sell 1,200 units on the first day. Determine the resulting profit (5 marks)

Question 4:

Your college newspaper, The Collegiate Investigator, has fixed production costs of $70 per edition, and marginal printing and distribution costs of 40¢/copy. The Collegiate Investigator sells for 50¢/copy. Write down the associated cost, revenue, and profit functions. (10 marks)

Question 5:

Determine the equivalent single rate of discount for each of the following series of discounts. (10 marks)

a) 18 %, 10.0%

b) 50%, 33%, 5.0%

Question 6:

A discount store lists an article for $875.00 less 25% and 20.5%. a competitor carries the same article for $847.90 less 21.5%. What further discount (correct to the nearest of 1%) must the competitor allow so that its net price will be the same as that of the discount store? (5 marks)

Question 7:

A cloth store sells a jacket for $ 550. The store’s cost is $95, and the expenses are 20% of the regular selling price. How much profit will the shop make on each sale? (5 marks)

Question 8:

Calculate the amount of interest that will be charged on $10680.00 borrowed for five months at 6.5%. (5 marks)

Question 9

What rate of interest is paid if the interest on a loan of $55 000.00 is $125000.00 from January 31, 2014 to May 31, 2014? (10 marks)

Question 10:

What principal will have a maturity value of $159 000 at 5.6% p.a. in 14 months? (10 marks)

Question 11:

Debt payments of $500.00 due now and $1400.00 due in five months are to be repaid by a payment of $1500.00 in three months and a final payment in eight months. Calculate the size of the final payment if interest is 5%. (10 marks)

Question 12:

Debt payments of $400.00, $8000.00, $1600.00 are due on March 1, May 1, and December 1 of the same year. If interest is 6% calculate the single payment on August 1 of the same year that would replace the three payments. (10 marks)

Question 13:

Compute the amount of interest on $567.00 at 10% p.a. from May 29, 2013 to August 13, 2013 (5 marks)

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