relationship interview analysis paper 1250 1500 words

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Relationship Interview Project Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to see how much you thought you knew about relationships and to show the different perspectives of each stage. Everyone’s “story” is different, but you might just learn a thing or two about each stage to help you in your life relationships! For this assignment you will be using what you learn from the relationship chapters, discussions and class handouts/notes.


1) You are required to choose one stage of a relationship and evaluate the challenges and success strategies of that stage. You will be observing, interviewing, and researching your subjects. Choose to interview a couple in one of the types of stages of a relationship:

  • Dating (less than 6 months)
  • Engaged
  • Newly married (less than 5 years)
  • Married (more than 10 years)
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

2) The Interview!

After making your choice, you will interview your subjects and ask questions based on the information you would like to find out. Remember, keep the information general. It might make people uncomfortable to ask questions that are too personal. Find out how they feel about the different stages of their relationship.

3) The Paper

Once you have gathered the information on your subjects, transpose your information into a 5-6 page paper. Your paper should cover the following:

  • Relationship stage and development (how they met, “their story”)
  • Current external pressures on the relationship (family, work, friends, distance, etc.)
  • Current internal pressures on the relationship (self-concept, gender, culture, attachment style, insecurities, scars from previous relationships, children, pets, money, etc.)
  • Maintenance Behaviors (what do they do to keep going?)
  • Personality types (Using Dr. Fisher’s test)
  • Love language
  • Analysis of their relationship using 2 interpersonal theories or concepts per person.

(Attribution theory, Social exchange theory, Interpersonal needs theory, Social penetration theory, Attraction theory, Halo effect, Equity theory, Pygmalion effect, Self-fulfilling prophecy.)

  • Conflict management strategies and decision making methods used (avoidance/withdrawal, accommodate/submit, competition, compromise, collaboration, confrontation, consensus, voting, authority rule/dictate)
  • Lessons learned- what advice would they offer to others?

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