assessment for core slo 3 amp 4 scrapbook assignment

Assessment for Core SLO 3 &4: Scrapbook Assignment

Course Objectives (CO)

In this course it is important for you, as a student, to:

1) understand and critique theories that ground the field of developmental psychology and infer their practical applications (supports DSLO 1.1)

2) examine how research is designed and implemented by critically evaluating research findings and limitations (DSLO 1.1)

3) understand the interaction between heredity and the environment in shaping development and identify and appreciate the importance of other major developmental issues (e.g., the concept of critical periods, attachment, plasticity) (supports DSLO 1.1; Core SLO 3)

4) discern the difference between universal elements of development and culturally- specific ones (supports DSLO 1.1; Core SLO 3)

5) relate personal experiences to the theories studied. You should view yourself as an active participant in the learning process, sharing ideas and listening openly and respectfully to others (supports DSLO 1.1)

6) enhance critical thinking skills and perspective-taking abilities (supports Core SLO 3 &4)

7) gain awareness that empirical research may diverge from personal beliefs (supports Core SLO 3 &4)


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