complete this week s readings in preparation for class discussion and activities


Identify the author’s main argument or overall point, the main question the argument responding to that question, the reasons and evidence in support of the argument, and the aspect of the conflict on which the author focuses. Address these main elements first. Ask what is the point of this chapter? What the purpose of each section? What does it focus on? What does the author want the reader to know and understand well? Next is your position (response to the author). What is your response to the author’s argument? Give a good reason. Identify what is most important to know from the readings and to communicate it clearly and concisely. Get straight to the point.

Required readings

1) jeong, Ho-Won. (2008). Understanding Conflict and Conflict Analysis. Thousand Oaks, CA and London: Sage Publications Ltd. Chapters 3 and 4.*Access e-book here:

2) Galtung, J. (1969). Violence, peace and peace research. Journal of Peace Research, 6(3), 167-191. Open this attachment:

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