week three questions

The following questions are to be answered with a minimum of 500 words each and at least one reference for each question.

(1) Analyze Toyota; how well do you think Akio Toyota is doing dealing with Toyota’s threats and opportunities, both internal and external. (SWOT analysis is attached)

(2) What are the five steps in the strategic management process? (Pages attached from chapter)

(3) Describe a SWOT analysis. Perform a SWOT analysis of your place of employment providing at least two key areas for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.(Pages attached)

(4) What are the steps to decision-making and four general decision-making styles? Describe a situation how you have applied the steps in rational decisions-making.(Pages attached)

(5) Review the seven rules for brainstorming. Select three of the rules and discuss how you have applied these rules and concepts.(Page attachedf)

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