write me one page reflection on one of these topics listed bellow 1

Use a popular beat sheet to illustrate the plot of a film and write a one-page reflection. Some popular story structures:

  • ● Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat (Recommend)
  • ● Larry Brooks’ Story Structure
  • ● Joseph Cambell’s Hero’s Journey
  • ● John Truby’s 22 Steps
  • ● Three Act Structure
  • ● No Film School’s Beat Sheet
    NB: These structures will not always completely work. If you choose a blockbuster, Disney, or Hollywood-esque film then it’ll probably work pretty well. Look up examples of your chosen beat sheet; there are plenty of examples for each of them online.
    If interested, explore “Jung’s 12 Archetypes”, “Stock Characters,” “Genre Cliches,” and “Flanderization.”
    In your reflection: Discuss your experience using your choice beat sheet. How accurately did your chosen structure model the film? What were your impressions on storytelling structures, before and after the activity? What are your takeaways from this activity?

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