neuropsychology research paper intermediate

The purpose of this research paper is to familiarize you with research literature in neuropsychology through reading and summarizing one paper about an experimental research on a topic in neuropsychology. You may pick any experiment up to 10 years old and must be relevant to the topic. You will summarize the different sections of the paper in your own words as much as possible. Make sure your first page includes your “Running head”, “Tile” and your info (Name, last name, etc.) and that they comply with the APA format. First page should be followed by your “Abstract” page (which is a summary of what you are about to report). You will need at least one sources in your “reference” page. Make sure you site from scientific journals, rather than second hand information from magazines or internet. Online based FIRST HAND scientific sources are also fine. The paper itself (Not including the title page, abstract, and the references) should be no less than three pages. Please make sure to ask if you have any questions, incorrect work is not going to receive credit.

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