corona virus paper

Assignment Objective: To describe the US Health Care System preparation for the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).


Research the preparation the US Health Care System are, or should be conducting, in dealing with the possible pandemic effects of the coronavirus. This Research Project is worth 16.7% of your grade. Present the most current facts about the subject with at least five (5) scholarly sources. Wikipedia is not accepted.

Group Presentations: Each group will provide a 15 minutes presentation on the subject. The presentation should include at a minimum:

1. Title, Hospital, Group/Participant names

2. Facts about the current situation

3. Assumptions

4. Planning / Preparation Considerations

5. Recommendations / Conclusions

Group Research Paper: Each group will submit a 8-10 Word document (excluding the title page and reference list) on the same subject. Use page headers and numbers, level headings, and in-text citations, following all APA formatting requirements.

Submit the paper by May 3rd. Late penalty is 5 points per day.

Project Evaluation

Points Allocation

Integration of knowledge & Organization

The paper demonstrates fully understanding of the concepts learned in class. 20pts.

The authors applied the concepts in the paper and organize the finding clearly

ignoring the unimportant details and bringing the most significant ones.

Depth of discussion

The author provides in-depth discussion & elaboration in all sections of the 40pts.

paper and clearly stated the ideas to reform the healthcare system.

Spelling and Grammar

The report needs to be error-free spelling with correct grammar and sentence 10pts.


Sources of Information

At least five (5) scholarly references using APA citation style. 15pts.


All sources are accurately documented using APA citation style. 15pts.

Total 100pts.

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