8 10 page doubled spaced reflection

I’ve attached the details to this paper, Ive also attached the criteria page. This is a reflection paper so it might be difficult to write personally since I was the one in this class, but if you have any questions I can answer them at any time. Please make this a personable paper. I need this to sound as real as possible, like I said if you need any info I can tell you. Some background, I am very aware and very sharp when It comes to business related matters. I like to perceive everything through logical reasoning, and as to what is going to happen next. Something I can let you know to include in the paper is that I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this course but after getting to know the professor the first day I liked the class. I could tell from the first day she was a nice professor and really knowledgeable. She is very aware of the curriculum, being the honors department chair. We’ve learned a lot about being self aware and how self awareness is a key factor in character development and relationships with others, and how to communicate the right way in our relationships with other people, whether it’s at the workplace or just anyone. She’s gone over many different concepts from the book. I will list all that I want to be in the paper to make it easy for you! They are: (self awareness, stereotyping, Trust, Goal setting, Overcoming obstacles, (STRESS* **Important), Deep level of diversity, active listening, communication, persuasion, negotiation, benefits of taking risks. I want to add some things that will help. With every concept that I listed, the perspective I would like to write from is that she was trying to prepare us for the real business world and how to deal with certain scenarios. Please let me know if you have any other personal questions that you need to include in the paper. Thanks!!!

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