summarize and analyze the complexities of the civil rights movement

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– focus on Martin Luther King, Jr., Ella Baker, Malcolm X

Read three sources (one primary and two secondary) based on the topic. Find your sources from PBS (

– The first page should include three paragraphs to provide a summary of the three sources. In the first sentence of each paragraph on the first page, include the URL link of the source you are writing about in that particular paragraph.

– The second and third pages should be an analysis of all the sources.

-only use written documents to research [non-written documents are not allowed].

-provide the URL links to the three sources within the writing of their paper, once for each source. Doing so just once in your paper is all that’s needed. Do not add the same source multiple times.

-do not write paper or source information in MLA, APA, Chicago Style, or any other formatting style.

do not include a title page, bibliography, work cited page, footnotes, or endnotes. Instead simply provide the URL links of the three sources (just one time for each source) within the writing of the paper only

– double-spaced [NOT the URL links].

-do not use any quotes at all. Please do not use quotes of any kind. Instead use your own words.

-No heading information is needed at all,

– should fill up a FULL 3 pages, go into the 4th page for a sentence or so.

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