the review is both a summary and an evalua on of an article

The review is both a summary and an evalua*on of an article. − The students have to explain briefly, what the ar9cle is about and what are the main points and arguments of the author.

The main body of the text should be students own comments on the issue. Students might agree or disagree with the author(s) thesis, and in both cases, brief arguments should be provided.

Later, the students have to conclude the value of the text as a source of knowledge, informa9on and ideas, or on what they disagree with the author.

− Finally, the students have to recommend (or not to recommend) the ar9cle as a source for the study of war and conflict in the contemporary world.

The review should be TWO pages in length (single line spacing). The students may choose any aKached ar9cle or chapter from a book or collec9on of papers depending on their interest.

Please there should be no plagiarism

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