phychoanalytic essay

Compose a 1,200-word (give or take 100), thesis-driven, analytical paper on psychoanalysis and Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You. Make sure to apply specific concepts from any of the psychoanalytic theorists (Sigmund freud) we have read this semester to open up your analysis of the film.

It is advisable to watch again the scenes you discuss in your paper—be precise and detailed in your discussion of the movie. Note: you can watch the film for free on Amazon Prime if you have a Prime membership, or on Google for less than $5. Find a useful list of the cast and their character names at the IMDB online.

This is an ‘analytical’ essay – avoid broad summary by focusing on key moments/scenes. While it may be helpful to include a little summary, keep this to a minimum (1-2 sentences); you may assume your reader is familiar with the movie. Discuss specific lines and details.

Your paper must follow MLA format guideline (available online).

Your paper will be graded for its the focus of its thesis, the selection and handling of quotes, the accuracy, precision, and subtlety of the interpretation, the organization and flow of its analyses, the aptness and insight of its argument, and the clarity and concision of its prose style. Format will not be graded but you will be subject to a 10% penalty if there are more than minor formatting errors.

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