surreal photos an editing and creative challenge

Students will be challenged to see the world in new ways by altering photos to re-colour the world around them. In brief, students will be taking pictures, editing those pictures to be black and white, then re-colouring them in unusual ways before doing some final polishing, editing and submitting. Students may either re-colour their photos digitally, or by printing them out, painting or otherwise colouring on them, scanning those images, and then doing whatever final edits they prefer.

Your project must come with an artist’s statement explaining your message, statement or thought that goes along with the photos. Please consider what you want to say with this assignment. For example, I might take a photo of an apartment building and make every window a different colour to show how different people with different personalities live in each apartment. Your assignment cannot be fully random, you must have some kind of message or intention behind what you photograph and how you colour it.

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