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This is more than 200 years ago, when Irish satirist Jonathan swift wrote an essay called a modest proposal, in which he suggested that Ireland’s poor sell their first year of life to the rich.

The suggestion to eat babies is absurd in itself, and the point is that swift describes the program in a rather serious tone, almost a scientific research approach to the subject.

The absurdity of the proposal and the serious tone in which the proposal was presented caused a sharp conflict, thus forming a fierce irony.

In fact, the irony of this article is so strong that you should be able to understand it as long as you read it. Swift chose with Irish Catholics.

On the one hand, it’s a stereotype of Irish thievery.

On the one hand it attacked the Catholic prejudice against pagans.

He exposed the arrogant superiority of the English people to the Irish and Americans.

However, he chose Modest as the title, which serves as a casual and seemingly Modest foil to the absurdity of many mainstream social views at that time.


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