first empire

We tend to think sometimes that big, powerful states (read: empires) have always been present in history, from the time of the very first states. Hopefully, by reading the first four chapters, you now know that this is not the case. Indeed, it took time for states to consolidate power as they spread their territory across wider regions, and the reasons why.

In the documents reader in chapter four, there are a handful of selections which address this new way of life and more importantly how to govern a much larger area. Read them again carefully (you can ignore the Vedic Hymns selection as it does not really fit in).

What does each text reveal to us about what the authors of those particular times and places felt about political and social control? what role, if any, did religion play? How do these selections compare to the ones in chapter two regarding the best way of governing? Do you see differences when it comes to dealing with people being governed?


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