mkt402 phi210 week 8 responses

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RE: Week 8 Discussion 1

Hello Professor Farrar and Classmates,

Week 8 – Discussion 1:

Best Services offers cable services, and internet services as a bundle, as well as some electronic devices. Customers of Best Services are mainly households within a particular catchment area, and everyone in the area uses Best Services for their cable service. Competitors are offering cable, internet, and mobile phone services. The competitors have reduced their cable prices, which has prompted a reactive price war. Break-even sales analysis would be the best way to enable an accurate response to the pricing decision assuming that Best Services has an increased demand due to an increased need for cable service bundle and electronic devices. Best Services would, therefore, need to offer its existing customers cable services at flexible prices due to the competitive market to optimize their sales volume. The lower prices that the competitors are offering demands that Best Services makes an adjustment to prevent the loss of market share. By adjusting prices this will help Best Services to attract more consumers and increase its sales volume.




RE: Week 8 Discussion

Good day class-

I do believe that it is possible to think without using language. When babies have not yet developed the ability to talk, they still cry out when something is wrong. Either they are hungry, sleepy, wet, or want some type of interaction. Although they haven’t yet learned the words for what they are feeling, or are unable to verbalize yet, they can still convey what they need. Also, a few weeks after birth, or sooner, some babies smile when they are in the arms of someone or are “dreaming.” They may not know what the thoughts in their head are yet but we are able to come to their aid or engage with them more. And furthermore, there are people who “talk baby talk”, (which I can not stand!) to infants and as the infant gets older we are able to see that type of “babble” go back & forth between them. So they are learning how to react to “languageless” thinking because their “babble” is in the appropriate placement of the “conversation.”

Have a safe week-

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