individual writing assignment 1 newspaper article scrapbook

For Individual Writing Assignment #1, your task is to research current events in the media that are directly related to ‘Business Ethics’ and to develop a Newspaper Article Scrapbook.

Specifically, you are to:

1. Pick one of the following media sources:

2. Log on to your chosen web site and search for titles that incorporate the word “Ethics”, and record how many “Results” you get.

3. Now search for “Business Ethics”, and record how many “Results” you get.

4. Pick FIVE of the 2019-2020 results of your search and create a Newspaper Article Scrapbook that relates to Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations.

Each article is to be compiled in an 8 1/2 x 11 format (photocopied) and to be accompanied by a three-quarter page (single spaced typewritten) summary and explanation / analysis of how it relates to Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations.

Specific grading criteria is as follows:

Background and Course Content

  • Contains relevant background information
  • Draws upon and connects with the course text, lecture material and other relevant sources

Research, Supporting Data and Analysis

  • Refers to a full range of relevant current resources (course materials, external sources), and other research
  • Uses relevant data, analyses and conclusions
  • Includes a critical analysis of the sources used

Writing Style and Essay Structure

  • Work is well-organized
  • Central ideas are presented very clearly, cogently, and effectively

Grammar and Mechanics

  • Inclusive of a separate title page
  • All sources are cited using APA style
  • Minimal spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Type-written
  • Single-spaced
  • 12-pt Arial font
  • One-inch wide margins on all four sides
  • Written in MS-Word

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