need help with a easy excel assignment

For NFL Team and Analysis tab:

1.Create a formula (IF) to revise the value of each team based on the number of wins they recorded. Increase the value of any team that recorded 10 or more wins by $20 million and decrease the value of any team that won 9 games or fewer by 10%, The revised worth of each team should appear in column E. (10 points)

2.Calculate the Average and Median values for the Revised values of the worth of all teams (average and median of column E) (3 points each).

For Sales Data tab:

1.Create a lookup formula in column G that will populate the warehouse number from tab Warehouse Addresses in column G (hint, the identifier is the Customer name). (10 points)

2.Create a Pivot table on all the data in the Sales Data tab

3.Answer the following questions (5 points each)

a.What is the customer with the highest purchase amount?

b.What Product sells best (by count)?

c.What is the preferred Payment Type (by count)?

d.Which Warehouse is responsible for the most dollar amount sales?

4.Create a PIE chart (either from a pivot table, or directly a pivot chart) showing the customers (customer name) and the slice of the total (sum) of the amount purchased by each individual customer. Name the chart Percentage of Sales, and make sure the chart is showing percentages on each of the slices of the Pie. Make sure that the names of the customers appear in the legend (labels). Move the chart to its own worksheet and name the worksheet SalesChart. No missing data should be shown on the chart. (20 points)

Attached document is the excel file for you to work.

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